It’s our one year anniversary today. I met this boy 365 days ago and in all honesty, I fell in love with him then too.
This has been one of the best years ever and I have him to thank. People would usually put how they’ve had their ups and downs and how they’ve worked through them and whatnot but we actually haven’t had any downs. It still scares me how easy this whole being in love thing is and how comfortable I am with him and have been since we met. 
On our first date he took me to California (in Falkirk) and we seen a mini tornado. It was the best and most unusual first date I’ve ever had and I couldn’t be happier that it all lead to us now living together and building a future together. 
It is a bit early for all this lovey dovey stuff, so I’ll stop there. :’)

Anonymous said: Question about your nose piercing. Ok so i just got mine pierced 2 days ago, and when i woke up this morning there was dry blood around it, is that normal? i looked it up and people said it was but idk im pretty scared that it might be infected??

I’m sure it’s fine. I think mine crusted up a few times with blood and stuff too. I used boiling water with some salt, dipped a cotton bud in it and dabbed around the piercing (inside and outside) twice a day just to keep it clean. The stud (or hoop) will be moving about and it’ll just be because the hole hasn’t healed yet, it’ll take a good few weeks before it’s healed fully! Unless it starts filling up with puss, swells or becomes agonising, I think you’ll be fine!


I bought a top two weeks ago and when I put it on I felt uncomfortable because it was a wee bit tight, so I took it off and hid it in my drawer.

I put it on today and it’s actually really loose now.

Living in a top floor flat must be doing some good then! Hah :3